Michal Dovčiak

Michal Dovciak

email: dovciak@astro.cas.cz
phone: +420 226 258 425

Michal Dovciak works as a Research Scientist at the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences since 2008, after a three-year postdoc position at the same institute. He got his PhD degree in 2004 at Charles University, Prague. In 2005 he was awarded the Price for young scientists for the research donein his PhD thesis.

Michal's research activities are mainly focused on X-ray emission fromaccretion discs either near a supermassive black holes in activegalactic nuclei or black holes in binary systems in our Galaxy.This consists of fitting data observed by X-ray satellites anddeveloping models of emission that can describe real systems, e.g.models for relativistically broadened iron line and models for X-raycontinuum emission (reflection by Compton scattering, multicolourblack-body, lamp-post models, etc.). In the study of these systemshe is also interested in the overall polarization that would be measuredby the observer. In the domain of the dynamical properties of black-holeaccretion disc systems, Michal's research concentrates on flare-spot models.