Research areas

We study galaxies and processes related to them at various scales. From largest to smallest they are:

Galaxy formation and evolution

One of the main issues in galaxy evolution is to understanding the star formation history of galaxies - in particular how star formation is triggered and how it can be suddenly quenched. We study the role of environmental effects that can affect the star formation activity of galaxies in different ways.

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Structures in the interstellar medium

The interplay between stars and gas in galaxies has consequences for the evolution of galaxies. We try to understand how the stellar feedback influences the star formation in different parts of the Milky Way and in nearby galaxies.

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Massive star clusters

We study mechanisms of the formation of massive star clusters - in particular the question of how multiple stellar populations of globular clusters were formed.

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Supernova shells around supermassive black holes

Uncover the potential effects of nearby supernovae on the growth of a supermassive black hole in our in-depth investigation.

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