June 29th, Thursday
9:00 Jan Palouš: Guillermo Tenorio-Tagle's Feedback in the ISM (invited) [pdf]
9:30 Guillermo Tenorio-Tagle: Interstellar Matter Hydrodynamics, What a great fun! (invited) [ppt]
10:00 Sergiy Silich: Gas expulsion versus gas retention in young massive clusters (invited)
10:30 coffee, EAS General Assembly
12:00 Richard Wünsch: Formation of stars and star clusters (plenary) [pdf]
12:30 lunch
14:00 Genevieve Parmentier: Volume-density-driven star formation in the Galaxy (invited) [pdf]
14:30 Daniel Rahner: Winds and Radiation in Unison: A New Feedback Model to Disrupt Molecular Clouds
14:45 Samuel Geen: Can Massive Stellar Feedback Disperse Giant Molecular Clouds? [pdf]
15:00 Fatemeh Tabatabaei: Massive Star Formation and Feedback in Nearby Galaxies [abs]
15:15 Sami Dib: Feedback regulated star formation: dual constraints on the age spreads and star formation efficiency in massive clusters [pdf]
15:30 coffee
16:00 Zeinab Khorrami: Studying the stellar populations in the fuzzy cores of young massive clusters (invited) [pdf]
16:30 Felix Mirabel: The way massive stars end as black holes [pdf]
16:45 Karolina Kubiak: A spectroscopic survey of all massive stars in the Orion constellation
17:00 Ramon Rey-raposo: The interplay between feedback an galactic context in stellar clusters modelled in realistic molecular clouds [pptx]
17:15 Poster presentations
June 30th, Friday
9:00 Sarah Jaffa: Detecting and classifying star-forming structures in the ISM (invited) [pdf]
9:30 Sally Oey: Feedback in Mrk 71, a Nearby Green Pea Analog [pdf]
9:45 Soňa Ehlerová: Galactic supershell GS242-03+37 [odp]
10:00 Christopher Wareing: A new massive star feedback model for the Rosette Nebula and its implications for the ISM [link]
10:15 Oleg Egorov: Star formation in the rims of supergiant HI shells in nearby galaxies [pptx]
10:30 coffee, plenary talks, closing ceremony and lunch
14:00 Bruce Elmegreen: Globular Cluster Formation at High Density: A model for Elemental Enrichment with Fast Recycling of Massive-Star Debris (invited) [pdf]
14:30 Claudia Cyganowski: Which stars form first? ALMA results on the relative birth order of high- and low-mass stars in massive (proto)clusters
14:45 Gözde Saral: Clustering of Young Stellar Objects Star Forming Regions W49, W51, and W43 [pdf]
15:00 Cinthya Herrera: Stellar feedback from a super star cluster in the Antennae overlap region [pdf]
15:15 Elena Terlevich: Are Giant HII regions and HII galaxies progenitors of globular clusters and compact dwarf ellipticals?
15:30 coffee
16:00 Roberto Terlevich: Young Super Stellar Clusters: Precision Cosmology and the Initial Mass Function (invited) [pdf]
16:30 Ivana Orlitová: Outflows from young starbursts probed by Lyman-alpha and UV absorption lines [pdf]
16:45 Anthony Whitworth: Conference Summary
17:00 Concluding Discussion led by Jan Palouš


Poster session on Thursday June 29th at 17:15
Emilio Alfaro Velocity Structure in the Monoceros Region: A TGAS analysis. [pdf]
Ahmad Ali Modelling feedback from massive stars in clusters using Monte Carlo Radiation Hydrodynamics [pdf]
Itziar Aretxaga Maximal starbursts at high-redshift
Diego Calderón Characterizing clump formation in stellar wind collisions
Verónica Firpo Violent star-forming processes in interacting galaxies [pdf]
Ji-hyun Kang Linear polarization of class I methanol masers in massive star-forming regions
Lex Kaper The properties of massive pre-main-sequence stars
Arpine Karapetyan The impact of density waves on the distribution of supernovae in galaxies [pdf]
Michalis Kourniotis Massive Eclipsing Binaries in the Local Group [pdf]
Michalis Kourniotis Yellow Hypergiants in M33 [pdf]
Olga Maryeva On the nature of anomalous reddening of Cygnus OB2 #12 hypergiant
Varsha Ramachandran Spectra and feedback from young stellar clusters [pdf]
Alana Rivera-Ingraham The Key to High-Mass Star Formation as Revealed by Herschel: A New Paradigm?
Gözde Saral A MALT90 Study of Selected ATLASGAL High-Mass Clumps [pdf]
Lenka Zychová Colliding interstellar bubbles


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